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Re: Systemd vs Devuan

On 19/07/2021 18:02, fz wrote:

What do I *actually* need systemd for???

There are plenty of flavours of linux which don't use systemd, so you don't *need* it.

Some applications are written that assume systemd is on your system. So to use these, you need to implement parts of the systemd API to handle those dependencies, without implementing everything.

For example Gentoo's elogind, which is "the systemd project's logind, extracted to a standalone package. It's designed for users who prefer a non-systemd init system, but still want to use popular software such as KDE/Wayland or GNOME that otherwise hard-depends on systemd."

Or eudev, which is "Gentoo's fork of udev, systemd's device file manager for the Linux kernel. It manages device nodes in /dev and handles all user space actions when adding or removing devices."

Whether this is good, pointless, doomed or something else, I don't know. I just use the "disable systemd" bit of Gentoo and forget about it.

My resistance is because I like the "do one thing and do it well" philosophy, and feel less comfortable with the "let me do everything for you, and then make everyone else do it my way too, 'cos I'm me" philosophy.



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