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Re: CentOS alternatives: Devuan

I'm not sure what you think you're getting with the listed distros that you wouldn't get with either Debian or Devuan. In terms of nearly zero (five-nines/99999) uptime, they are all equivalent, given that they are configured similarly. Also, I barely see the benefits of using opensource if you're using Redhat (IBM) or derivatives, or Oracle, two of the worst serial offenders of vendor lock-in. IBM invented it. (side note: I rebooted one of my laptops, the browser was a bit sluggish. It had been up for 101 days, that one has Ubuntu20 on it. As much as I've moved away from Ubuntu, that's a decent amount of uptime without any issues, ie. quite reliable, imo. Also, I have several servers in the cloud running ubuntu20 and their uptime is comparable. I only reboot for convenience while testing.)

Your dependence on your customer's legacy data and software environment, are likely the motivators of your decision making. The discussion is over right here if your customer has firm requirements for compatibility/continuity.

I'd ask you what is the core application you are providing? I'm going to make the assumption that virtually all industrial strength applications these days are a webserver/database. In which case I would be focused on the requirements for the database server primarily, and then of course the webserver. So backward data or software compatibility could drive your decision.

Also cost may be a factor, but if you're looking at Centos/Rocky, I'm presuming that you don't want to buy/pay for.

Database: maria is super solid and feature packed. You'd have to do some research, but you could throw any amount of compute cycles at it for cheap at Racknerds.com. You could scale that up quite a ways before hitting any serious bottlenecks.

Considerations: how volatile is the data? ie. are you doing real transactions, read/write/delete, or are you just serving WordPress? Even WordPress with e-commerce will run on maria just fine.

However, if you are really really running some mission critical application, that someone else is paying real money for, or you require additional advanced features, then you may want/have to pay $$$ for Oracle database.

Webserver: I'm not an expert in this area. I dumped Apache years ago in favour of Nginx. I don't think there is any reasonable argument to use Apache anymore except for compatibility to legacy data/systems. Nginx is superior in every way. faster... much faster. Less moving parts. Still alot of moving parts, but so much less than Apache. Learning curve is not insignificant, but completely worth it, IMHO. Some people say Tomcat is good. I don't know anything beyond that.

Oracle? look what they did to ... everything they touch. Rocky V1. You want V1 for a production datacentre? Ubuntu? A fatter slower version of Debian. Can't see any advantage whatsoever to Ubuntu. Redhat is IBM. They already ruined it with proprietary ways of doing everything.

Imo, Debian is your worst case scenario. Which is not too bad. It is arguably THE root distro, it is known for stability and has all userland software. I'm still going to say if you're not straying much from the LEMP stack, then Devuan is your best choice.


least amount of moving parts ... compare output of ps aux to any other distro

no vendor lock-in... it's Debian, same userland, with a lighter init system

stability: its Debian.

Interested to hear any counterarguments. Usually, your/my choices has to do with what you already know ( and therefore) like, and I'm completely guilty of this,and what will take the least amount of your effort to get off the ground. So I'm guessing you'll go with ..... hmmm.... Rocky. :-)

On 2021-07-14 12:25 p.m., Alan McKay wrote:
Just to circle back - not sure if any of those are alternatives to
CentOS that would be considered Enterprise Grade

What would I choose for a zero-downtime production datacenter and why?

And why is CentOS stream no longer Enterprise Grade?

I'll leave those questions floating for a bit before I provide my own answers.

For me the alternatives are :
- Oracle
- Rocky
- Alma (I think I have that right)
- Ubuntu

and I think that's it

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