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Re: CentOS alternatives: Devuan

On 21/07/14, fz wrote:
> I'm not sure what you think you're getting with the listed distros that
> you wouldn't get with either Debian or Devuan. In terms of nearly zero
> (five-nines/99999) uptime, they are all equivalent, given that they are
> configured similarly. Also, I barely see the benefits of using
> opensource if you're using Redhat (IBM) or derivatives, or Oracle, two
> of the worst serial offenders of vendor lock-in. IBM invented it. (side
> note: I rebooted one of my laptops, the browser was a bit sluggish. It
> had been up for 101 days, that one has Ubuntu20 on it. As much as I've
> moved away from Ubuntu, that's a decent amount of uptime without any
> issues, ie. quite reliable, imo. Also, I have several servers in the
> cloud running ubuntu20 and their uptime is comparable. I only reboot for
> convenience while testing.)

I used to run Ubuntu on multiple laptops and desktops.  I won't touch it
anymore since they managed to break things on two reasonably standard
desktop hardware a decade ago where Debian didn't even blink, and, I
don't trust Shuttleworth.


> Oracle? look what they did to ... everything they touch. Rocky V1. You
> want V1 for a production datacentre? Ubuntu? A fatter slower version of
> Debian. Can't see any advantage whatsoever to Ubuntu. Redhat is IBM.

RedHat is still independent of IBM.  I'll let you know when that
changes since I actually work there.  The CentOS hot mess was an
internal job that started in 2014 long before IBM had any influence.  I
run RHEL on $work workstation, and fedora on $work laptop and am
satisfied running it also on the laptops of the other three family

> They already ruined it with proprietary ways of doing everything.

They haven't touched it.  I agree IBM has a track record of ruining
many things, but so far they seem to have managed to keep their hands
off this one.

> Imo, Debian is your worst case scenario. Which is not too bad. It is
> arguably THE root distro, it is known for stability and has all userland
> software. I'm still going to say if you're not straying much from the
> LEMP stack, then Devuan is your best choice.

I'm still on Debian but am seriously considering moving to Devuan due to
systemd.  I run stable on personal servers and testing on desktop.

> because:
> least amount of moving parts ... compare output of ps aux to any other
> distro
> no vendor lock-in... it's Debian, same userland, with a lighter init system
> stability: its Debian.
> Interested to hear any counterarguments. Usually, your/my choices has to
> do with what you already know ( and therefore) like, and I'm completely
> guilty of this,and what will take the least amount of your effort to get
> off the ground. So I'm guessing you'll go with ..... hmmm.... Rocky. :-)

There are a number of options for RHEL for community and development now,
but if none of those scenarios fits, then Rocky.

> On 2021-07-14 12:25 p.m., Alan McKay wrote:
> > Just to circle back - not sure if any of those are alternatives to
> > CentOS that would be considered Enterprise Grade
> > 
> > What would I choose for a zero-downtime production datacenter and why?
> > 
> > And why is CentOS stream no longer Enterprise Grade?
> > 
> > I'll leave those questions floating for a bit before I provide my own answers.
> > 
> > For me the alternatives are :
> > - RHEL
> > - Oracle
> > - Rocky
> > - Alma (I think I have that right)
> > - Ubuntu
> > 
> > and I think that's it

	slainte mhath, RGB

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