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Re: xterm was: [OCLUG-Tech] Broken pasting in Mutt/screen

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 09:32:43AM -0500, Trevor Curtis wrote:

> I find using one window with a bunch of buffers really difficult to
> use, and use dozens of gvim windows instead.

I use 'screen', with typically one urxvt window per host I'm SSHed to,
and a screen in each.

What I find really helps with screen is a) the fingertip control
rather than clicking (I use ` as my escape key), and b) choosing a
pattern.  For example, on my laptop, screen 8 is always my personal
e-mail, screen 9 is always my work e-mail, screen 7 is always a
root session.

On other servers, 7 and higher are typically all root.  On one of our
development servers, 0 is work in the HTML area of the application, 1
is work in the library area, and 2 is at the root (for builds, config
files, and version control).

Knowing where I'm going every time I pick a window is a big help to
keeping it all sane.  Plus, if I want to see two at once, I simply
launch a second terminal to that host and run 'screen -r -x' to share
the session.  (In fact, my shell profile always hooks me up to an
existing screen or creates a new one.)

> I find however that tabs in a web browser are indispensable. I have
> no idea how IE users deal with having so many browser windows.

My co-worker uses a three-rows-high Windows taskbar.  And when I
tell him to look at a URL, he'll typically just look around for a
few seconds and pick the browser he's using the least at that
point.  Yikes. :)

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