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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Broken pasting in Mutt/screen

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 09:02:03AM -0500, Vic Gedris wrote:

> Adrian:  What's this about Text::AutoFormat?  Tell me more...  I've
> been using this line in my ~/.vimrc for years which does similar(?)
> formatting when I hit CTRL-J: :nmap <C-J> vipgq

Well, Text::Autoformat (lowercase 'f', my mistake) is designed to wrap
and otherwise format text automatically based on understanding the
flow of the text.  It'll recognise and properly wrap quoted sections,
wrap items in bulletted lists, and try to avoid creating orphan words
on the last lines of paragraphs.

It does a good job in general.  Unfortunately, as with a lot of text
reformatting stuff, when it fails, it fails badly.


    * Properly wraps bulletted lists like this one, taking text and
      wrapping it to the next line.

    * If wrapping creates too short a final line, it reduces wrap
      line length until the last line is large enough (or it has
      to give up).

    * Understands quoted text pretty much perfectly.

    * Reletters leterred or numbered bullets to run in sequence.

    * Willing to wrap on hyphens.


    * Works best with editor linewrapping turned off, since it can
      better handle long lines than have to guess about multiple ones.

    * A little overzealous with the hyphen wrapping, I found.  I
      rewrote the wrapping routine (attached), but I don't think I
      quite did it right, since when it *dewraps* a break, I
      occasionally get a double space.  Also, dewrapping a hyphenated
      wrap results in a space, too.

    * Doesn't deal with orphan words at the end of a line, like 'I' in
      the paragraph above.

    * Doesn't know to put double spaces at the end of a sentence. I've
      turned off whitespace squeezing, so it leaves my double spaces
      alone, but if a sentence begins on a new line and it wraps it
      elsewhere, then the result has only one space between sentences.

      Particularly annoying if I run the wrapper multiple times.  With
      two spaces, a word might be wrapped to the next line.  Rewrap,
      and it says 'hm, I can fit that word on the line above' (but
      with a single space).  But then if I add the space and rewrap
      again, it puts it on the line below again...

      This is configurable, but requires turning on sentence sensing
      and capitalisation mode, and I'm a little leery of giving it
      even more responsibility. :)

      I hope to factor this into my wrapping routine someday.

    * Sometimes mistakes short words at the start of a line with a
      period (or bracket) following as a lettered bullet, even if
      there are no other similar bullets around.

    * Doesn't like smileys too much.  But if I format multiple
      paragraphs at once, it seems to recognise the smiley as
      irrelevant to the flow and handles it properly.

    * I particularly have to avoid running it on the more special-
      purpose parts of my e-mails, like code.

      This is why I map it to the equals sign ('equalprg'
      option).  I press V, move around to highlight the lines I
      want, then press =.

Double-edged sword?  You bet.  Best I've got so far, but I'm always
looking for better.

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