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[OCLUG-Tech] [OCLUG Tech]: LILO question

Hey folks, relatively new Linux user and new member of
the list, so be gentle.  ;>

I had a WinXP machine that I wanted to become a dual
boot machine...at the moment, the best way to describe
my situation is butchered (it's a long story).

The end result is I've got two hard drives; a Win
drive and a Slack drive, and my "dual boot" process is
to disconnect one drive from the IDE cable and
reconnect the other.  LILO is installed on the MBR of
my slack-drive.

I was doing this in the expectation that I would be
able to dump Windows entirely, but lack of support for
my printer and scanner in CUPS and SANE force me to
re-evaluate for the medium term.

Two questions:
(1) Is it possible to rig things so that my Windows
will be content to boot when the drive is in the slave
position, and LILO is used with my slack drive in the
master position?  I've tried this and get a black
screen after LILO does it's thing.

(2) Is it possible to install LILO in the MBR of the
win drive (thus win in master position), but leave the
MBR of the slack drive untouched (so if the win drive
went away, Linux would boot happily)?

I'm still holding out hope that one day I'll be able
to dump XP with nothing more complicated than a LILO

Any and all advice would be appreciated.  My wife's
getting anxious for me to come out of the study.  ;>


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