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Re: CentOS alternatives: Devuan

On 21/07/15, Rick Leir wrote:
> On July 15, 2021 9:15:45 a.m. EDT, Richard Guy Briggs <rgb [ at ] tricolour [ dot ] ca> wrote:
> > and fedora on $work laptop and am
> >satisfied running it also on the laptops of the other three family
> >members.
> I find Fedora interesting because I learn about some of the best new ideas via my Fedora server.
> For a laptop there are several window managers available (Cinnamon etc.) and I did not like the standard desktop config when I tried it a while ago. What desktop do you prefer to run on laptops?

I've been using the lxde (or xfce4) desktop installs for fedora (well,
all my GUIs including Debian).  I don't like Gnome or KDE.

The two things I must have are "focus follows mouse" and a control key
where the caps-lock key is frequently found to the left of the "a".
They have been somewhat hard to find at times, but I've managed.

	slainte mhath, RGB

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