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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Algonquin Wi-Fi

Thanks for all the help/suggestions/discussion, folks. I appreciate the assistance.

As it happened, I did manage to connect on my own. Access is indeed not Windows-specific (as I was able to get my PlayBook online easily on the first day). It uses WPA2 enterprise security with PEAP/MSCHAPv2 authentication.

The problem was that on the Windows side connection is as simple as entering my school userid and password, but on the Linux side the network manager asks for much more information. Since Algonquin assumes/mandates Windows for mobile devices, I had to do a bit of hunting to find out the kind of encryption/authentication/etc., but eventually I found it.

I am in a technology program, so while I found last night's talk a bit esoteric, I'm sure I'll understand it a lot better in a few months. I've been to other OCLUG meetings on occasion, but not in some time, but in the forseeable future I plan to make attending part of my "professional development." It certainly doesn't hurt that you're meeting on campus these days! See you in February.

On 16-01-14 07:39 PM, Alex Pilon wrote:
On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 12:08:50AM +0000, jf [ at ] messier [ dot ] ca wrote:
  Actually, I now remember that although you can get to the AP without
password, it is sometime impossible to get an IP address is everyone is
connected in the local DHCP scope. IOW: if every IP address from the DHCP
is allocated, it will remain reserved until its lease is over without being

How'd you figure that out? Did get an explicit message of a problem at
the DHCP layer, not the Wi-Fi layer?

Tonight, I was unable to connect my tablet, nor my cell, and my friend had
the same issue. Suddently, I could connect all my devices, and so did he.
Until all IPs will be allocated again.

Well obviously working now for some of us.
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