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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Postifx/SMTP problem - Sender address rejected

  • Subject: Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Postifx/SMTP problem - Sender address rejected
  • From: Bart Trojanowski <bart [ at ] jukie [ dot ] net>
  • Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 18:05:36 -0500
* Michael Walma <michael [ at ] walma [ dot ] org> [060204 16:26]:
> Okay, now I am really confused.  walma.org is registered with internic.ca, and 
> ns1.walma.org is specified, together with my static ip, as the primary dns 
> server.  Querying the authoritative root servers for the 'org' tld for 
> walma.org gives the correct name server name (ns1.walma.org) and ip 
> information (

Yeah, but the IP is not in whois domain records, just the host name.

> If I understand you, you are suggesting that I need to go through a separate 
> registration process for my name server?  Or was my registrar supposed to 
> have done it on my behalf?  I was under the impression that since I host the 
> authoritative name server for the walma.org domain, I could create 
> sub-domains and distinct hosts as I please.  No?

Your registrar should have done this for you.

The reason that they did not is because is already taken.
Note the whois on MAG1.MAGMACOM.COM.

So I think you're supposed to give a DNS server name of
MAG1.MAGMACOM.COM and things should work.

> I certainly admit that 'whois ns1.walma.org' fails, but I've never registered 
> the domain 'ns1.walma.org' only 'walma.org'.

Well, you will note that the records for hosts and records for domains
are completely different.  Only the host records specify and IP address.


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