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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Postifx/SMTP problem - Sender address rejected

Bart Trojanowski wrote:

* Michael Walma <michael [ at ] walma [ dot ] org> [060204 16:26]:
If I understand you, you are suggesting that I need to go through a separate registration process for my name server? Or was my registrar supposed to have done it on my behalf? I was under the impression that since I host the authoritative name server for the walma.org domain, I could create sub-domains and distinct hosts as I please. No?

Your registrar should have done this for you.

The reason that they did not is because is already taken.
Note the whois on MAG1.MAGMACOM.COM.

So I think you're supposed to give a DNS server name of
MAG1.MAGMACOM.COM and things should work.
Eh that won't really help. mag1.magmacom.com is not It is Magma's secondary DNS located at . The reason it shows up in the whois for walma.org is that is in a netblock owned by Magma. There is no DNS specific configuration issue here at all, that I can tell. Seems sound.

The only potential issue here is that the ns1.walma.org entry in the whois database may not have an IP address associated with it elsewhere in the whois host database. If you are hosting your own DNS, this is almost-but-not-quite a requirement. But it is not an absolute necessity if any of the other DNS's listed in the domain record are listed. You only need one to be listed, and as long as it's available the root servers will send the right pointers. (er... providing that one that is listed is working when a query comes.)

If one of them is not listed, the domain registrar, or the technical and administrative contact for the domain can make that change on the Network Solutions website if they have an account. The Walma.org domain is registered with Network Solutions through a sponsoring registrar - so they would be the most likely people to have the account.