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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Postifx/SMTP problem - Sender address rejected

On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Michael Walma wrote:

> I've verified that my DNS is RFC 
> compliant (or so www.dnsreport.com says it is)

Thanks for the reference to this impressive checking tool.

I have been using sleuth, the perl script for checking DNS. It is ok, but 
dnsreport.com is more comprehensive.

As per the other comments about running a name server at the host: I have 
been running a dual homed name server (on istop/cybersurf, and bell nexxia 
original DSL) for years now for multiple domains. My services: mail, http, 
ssh, etc. are also dual-homed. I know at least one other OCLUGer with a 
similar setup. This has been very reliable. I didn't even notice right 
away when istop pulled the plug last June (whoops, good redundancy, 
inadequate monitoring!)

The squirrel that chewed through _both_ phone lines was a problem (for an 
hour until I respliced them)  ;-) But hey - backhoe operators have 
taken out fibre links between Ottawa and Toronto too.