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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Postifx/SMTP problem - Resolved

Michael Walma wrote:

I can certainly understand how whois could be used in fighting spam.

So, can someone help me with my education? Where in that process does whois occur? Why did DNS work for 99% of the world and only fail for 1%? Either a direct explanation, or a pointer to the literature, would be appreciated.
I am glad your problem is solved. Dealing with dns can be tricky. Now, just to complete the circle, whois is not the domain name system and it isn't involved itself in dns queries. It's a tool that's used to query databases of information (usually personal or organizational data.) It just happens that this particular whois server belongs to a registrar of domain names, so some of the data is also used to build the domain name system.

The reason dns works for 99% of people and not fully for the other 1% is not magic. It's quite simply that 99% of people don't manage their own dns. Actually, it's probably more like 98%. 1% have already been through the learning curve, and now run dns for the 98%. The other 1% are people who are at various stages of the learning curve. But most people couldn't be bothered - so what you're learning is commendable. Expect mistakes. There are plenty that can be made. None of them are permenant and fatal in the long run, and being able to manage dns turns out to be a marketable skill.