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Re: Linux-Ottawa Board meeting announcement and proposed agenda

  • Subject: Re: Linux-Ottawa Board meeting announcement and proposed agenda
  • From: John Brooks <john [ at ] fastquake [ dot ] com>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 11:57:45 -0400
There are many good IRC clients for Linux, but if you don't want to install any of them, there's always the OFTC web chat:

But really just use Hexchat or Konversation or even Pidgin (actually no, don't use Pidgin on IRC :P).

If your nickname is taken then choose a different one. You can ask in #oftc for help with NickServ if you want to register your nickname. They're all very helpful and friendly


On 2022-04-21 18:01, J C Nash wrote:
We used Slack last month.

And Monday I cannot be on a video meeting as I'll already be on one for another organization -- I'll be listening to that as I don't have to contribute, just
vote -- while participating in the Linux Ottawa board.

I'm happy to use something FLOSS that works like Slack, but it needs to be set up. Indeed, a volunteer to set up that would be VERY welcome. Is there an IRC that is as functional as Slack? When I've tried IRC apps, there's always been a glitch of some sort, but it's been a few years since I've tried. A quick search suggests that there are some browser-based clients. When I tried KiwiRC for #oclug it said nashjc was already in use -- I think that is me, but it didn't offer a way to connect.
Perhaps IRC knows I'm coming?

Note that one thing I did today was to edit the slack log to prepare the "minutes" from the March Board. They are on the wiki now. A video meeting requires someone to take notes or else listen to the full recording. I STRONGLY recommend a text meeting that can be logged, and it was our disappeared Board member who more or
less pushed us to Jitsi and made work for the minute taker.

Best, JN

On 2022-04-21 13:51, Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
On 2022-04-21 09:48, J C Nash wrote:
Agenda for Linux Ottawa Board meeting 2022-4-25 19:00

Virtual meeting open to Linux-Ottawa list members. If you have items
you want added to the agenda, please send to nashjc _at_ ncf.ca or
tug.williams _at_ gmail.com.

Meeting will be on oclug.slack.com. (And, yes, we prefer fully open
source solution -- see "volunteers" below!)

It appears we last used that two years ago.  Why are we regressing from
jitsi to a proprietary walled garden?

Is there any reason we cannot use jitsi or
irc://irc.oftc.net/#oclug-board or irc://irc.oftc.net/#oclug ?

The rest of the agenda looks reasonable...  preventing bus errors

- Quorum (3) needed of Board members as per AGM
        Tug Williams
             Ian Gorman
        John Nash
        Richard Guy Briggs

- Minutes of previous Board mtg
- Status of bank account
- Formalities
    - Thanks to retiring Board members
    - Who has the corporate documents?
    - Have we a set of usernames, passwords etc. for our website functions?
    - Updating of documents (need for formal assignment of officers)
    - need to record AGM (JN is preparing a draft)
         - Current bank signing officers are Scott Murphy, John Nash and
           Ian Gorman. Should we add to the list?

- Need for volunteers to take on some specific tasks. Do we want to be
   more focused in asking people to do something limited i.e., they can
   agree to just a particular task. However, it would be good to have
   at least 2 per task, as we have recent experience when someone
   says they will do something then disappears.
         - What can/will Board members undertake? Several of us already
           have noted constraints on time/capability.
         - We are allowed to appoint other Board members if there are
           willing helpers.
         - keeper(s) of essential documents and information
    - backup and maintenance of website (except mailing list)
         - mailing list maintenance. This may or may not include
           upgrade that we have wanted for some time.
         - keeping of records of "corporation"
         - wiki maintenance (prodding for presentation documents?)
         - setting up virtual meetings (Board and general)
         - possible arrangement of in-person meetings

- Future of Linux Ottawa
    - Key functions: mailing list and meetings
    - In-person meetings and resources (mostly human) to set up
           and run, and to find suitable venue

- Talk/discussion for May 5
    - Suggested topic: "Evolution of volunteer groups like Linux Ottawa
        and the role of technology"
         - welcome other offers for May and for the future!

   slainte mhath, RGB
Richard Guy Briggs               --  ~\    -- ~\ <hpv.tricolour.ca>
<www.TriColour.ca>                 --  \___   o \@ @        Ride yer bike!
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