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Linux-Ottawa Board meeting announcement and proposed agenda

Agenda for Linux Ottawa Board meeting 2022-4-25 19:00

Virtual meeting open to Linux-Ottawa list members. If you have items
you want added to the agenda, please send to nashjc _at_ ncf.ca or
tug.williams _at_ gmail.com.

Meeting will be on oclug.slack.com. (And, yes, we prefer fully open
source solution -- see "volunteers" below!)

- Quorum (3) needed of Board members as per AGM
		Tug Williams
        	Ian Gorman
		John Nash
		Richard Guy Briggs

- Minutes of previous Board mtg
- Status of bank account
- Formalities
	- Thanks to retiring Board members
	- Who has the corporate documents?
	- Have we a set of usernames, passwords etc. for our website functions?
	- Updating of documents (need for formal assignment of officers)
	- need to record AGM (JN is preparing a draft)
        - Current bank signing officers are Scott Murphy, John Nash and
          Ian Gorman. Should we add to the list?

- Need for volunteers to take on some specific tasks. Do we want to be
  more focused in asking people to do something limited i.e., they can
  agree to just a particular task. However, it would be good to have
  at least 2 per task, as we have recent experience when someone
  says they will do something then disappears.
        - What can/will Board members undertake? Several of us already
          have noted constraints on time/capability.
        - We are allowed to appoint other Board members if there are
          willing helpers.
        - keeper(s) of essential documents and information
	- backup and maintenance of website (except mailing list)
        - mailing list maintenance. This may or may not include
          upgrade that we have wanted for some time.
        - keeping of records of "corporation"
        - wiki maintenance (prodding for presentation documents?)
        - setting up virtual meetings (Board and general)
        - possible arrangement of in-person meetings

- Future of Linux Ottawa
	- Key functions: mailing list and meetings
	- In-person meetings and resources (mostly human) to set up
          and run, and to find suitable venue

- Talk/discussion for May 5
	- Suggested topic: "Evolution of volunteer groups like Linux Ottawa
		and the role of technology"
        - welcome other offers for May and for the future!

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