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Re: secure boot issues

Following up my earlier post about installing VirtualBox on a new HP laptop that
is dual boot Windows 11 and Linux Mint 20.3 with Secure Boot enabled.

This machine was running fairly well with both operating systems functioning
properly as far as I could determine. (There were, and are, still some error msgs
on bootup about the shim files, which I don't understand, but they don't seem to
be causing trouble).

Trying to install virtualbox, either from the Mint repos or using the virtualbox.org
deb file, gave requests to provide a password for MOK to be installed. However, there
were also messages that the kernel modules for virtualbox drivers were failing. This
is likely (but not certain) to be because I had to use the optional advanced kernels
- in fact the most recent offered by Linux Mint, which is in the 5.13 series. Otherwise
screen brightness and WiFi and ... were not available for the laptop.

I decided to DISABLE SecureBoot. By doing this in UEFI config, I had to enter a
passcode that was displayed i.e., an "are you sure" dialog. Virtualbox appliance
for Win10 then installed fine, and the dual boot for Win11 still works. I prefer
a VM since reboots are inconvenient.

Thanks to Dmitriy Korovkin for some ideas, in particular,

sudo mokutil --sb-state

which allows a quick check if Secure Boot is enabled or disabled.

John Nash

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