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[OCLUG-Tech] can't copy some files

My trying to put my music collection on microSD card.  I've tried this 
numbers times and I keep getting the same errors with just certain files.  
When I go to copy I get no such file or directory.  Now if I try to copy them 
to say the tmp directory, they copy just fine.  I ran e2fsck and the results 
where I had a good hard drive and microSD card.

Sample of what I'm trying to copy:

cp /tmp/Herbert\ Von\ Karajan\ -\ 01\ -\ BEETHOVEN\ \:\ Symphony\ No.6\ in\ 
F\ major\,\ Op.68\ \"Pastoral\"\ -\ 1.\ Allegro\ ma\ non\ troppo.flac 

I thought maybe the title was too long so I also renamed some of the 
offending file, but got the some result.  I tried copying them to a different 
hard drive and that worked fine.

Googling produced no help, so here I am.  Any ideas?