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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Help with Linux

On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 01:11:37PM -0400, Mina Gobrial wrote:
> I just recently bought a new laptop.


> On my old one I had Arch installed with i3wm and it worked great,

Hello fellow Arch and i3 user!

> Is there anyone in the community that would be able to help me get it
> up and running?

Depends on the problem. We've got an assortment of kernel hackers and
people who've spent far too much time on stupid hardware issues.

> Rather than installing Arch this time, I figured I'd just install
> Manjaro,

Why in particular? What's the Manjaro value-add? Won't you change
half the things there anyway?

> have had issues booting consistently, which I think have to do with
> the graphics drivers in my new laptop.

What model? What chipset/generation (e.g., NV50, Skylake, etc.). What
card (e.g., HD520, GT216)? What make and year?

> Thanks in advance and if this is not something you can help me with, I
> apologize for wasting your time

Come to the meeting?


Alex Pilon