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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] What does the "+" signify in ls -l output?

On Tue, 7 Jan 2014, Vic Gedris wrote:

It means there's an access control list (getfacl / setfacl...).

You're right, the documentation should be way more obvious.  "man ls"
should point to that.

rday wrote:
typically, extended permissions such as ACLs.

...except attibutes such as "immutable" which you need chattr/lsattr to get at (and which I find quite useful for additional data protection).

Vic and Robert, thanks for pointing me in the right direction last week. I really appreciated that.

I was familiar with acl in general, but had used it much so didn't remember it, and was incorrectly looking in the lsattr direction.

Coincidentally, in the past week, I also realized that getfacl/ setfacl was just the tool I need to save and restore tight web server file permissions around updates (for piwik.org - it's a great FLOSS webserver analytics tool if anyone need one) that requires webserver-writable file perms during updates.