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[OCLUG-Tech] mail config issue

I have a configuration error for my ubuntu server, and I'm hoping somone on the list can help me resolve it.

My server is on a network, and uses nullmailer to forward email so that my websites on the system can send email using an external service. In general, email sent from my webserver through nullmailer is working fine.

But the system also generates email messages which seem to be redirected back to my server (perhaps from cron indicating cron complete). My hostname is currently set as K430, and my mail.err in /var/log shows that it is trying to send email messages to root@k430.k430, though I haven't specifically put that email address in any config files as far as I know.

I'd like to send those messages to go to my personal email address at dpatte [ at ] relativedata [ dot ] com

Do I have my hostname setup incorrectly (I really dont need the name k430 - i chose it at random), perhaps I should be calling it home.relativedata.com; or is there some setting to say that mail for my system k430 should be sent instead to dpatte [ at ] relativedata [ dot ] com?