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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] What does the "+" signify in ls -l output?

On Tue, 7 Jan 2014, Vic Gedris wrote:

> It means there's an access control list (getfacl / setfacl...).
> You're right, the documentation should be way more obvious.  "man ls"
> should point to that.

  actually, no, it shouldn't because that's typically
filesystem-specific and not strictly the responsibility of "ls". you
need to read the actual GNU coreutils manual for the full picture:


"Following the file mode bits is a single character that specifies
whether an alternate access method such as an access control list
applies to the file. When the character following the file mode bits
is a space, there is no alternate access method. When it is a printing
character, then there is such a method.

"GNU ls uses a ‘.’ character to indicate a file with an SELinux
security context, but no other alternate access method.

"A file with any other combination of alternate access methods is
marked with a ‘+’ character."



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