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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] can't boot from older PC

Carl Heyendal wrote:
> I'm trying to boot a Fedora 10 Live CD from an 'older' PC that I want to
> use as a Linux platform, but it just won't detect the CD after a restart.

There are at least two ways that a PC can boot from CD. One is to
emulate a floppy. The other is a no emulate mode. It is possible that
your PC does not support the boot mode used by the Fedora Live CD. I
haven't encountered a CD bootable machine that did not support the
emulated mode. I have seen one or two that did not boot in the
non-emulate mode.

Is there a non-live Fedora install cd?

Can you dig up a newer bios image for your hardware?

You might be able to use Smart Boot Manager. I have never tried it. (I
only just found it.)


There are some docs here: