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RE: [OCLUG-Tech] Problem with a raid array at boot time

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> From: Charles Nadeau
> Since upgrading from 2.6.25r7 to 2.6.27r8 my RAID-5 array doesn't come up
> correctly at boot time. Only the first 4 of the 8 drives appear as members
> of the array at boot time. I have to add the last 4 manually before
> starting the array.

Suspect you have encountered the following kernel (2.6.27) bug which causes some modules (scsi adapter drivers in particular) to load too late: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=473305

Proper fix is to rebuild initrd with arg "--with=scsi_wait_scan"

A much easier approach is to add the "scsi_mod.scan=sync" option to the kernel command line. You can manually append this option to the command line for loading your kernel image from the grub console. This is a safe and easy way to determine if this is the right fix for your problem. If it does the trick simply edit your grub.conf file to make it permanent feature of your boot config and enjoy your new kernel.

Hope this helps,