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[OCLUG-Tech] rsnapshot

Has anybody got any experience with rsnapshot. I've been trying it out, but it seems very touchy and I haven't got it to work yet. This is under Ubuntu Feisty with the package that is supplied by Ubuntu repository.

Eventually I want to use it under WinXP. For information, the application is to back up 3 servers that run Linux for the Telfer School. One is my "production" server for homework and related services, one is my "research" server on which I am trying out some more experimental things, and the third is the Telfer main website (runs Red Hat). The backup software is Symantec (Veritas) for which the "Linux client" looks to be about 8 years old and a 1 day hack to be able to advertise that they covered all platforms. I have been told it is unreliable by folk who tried it. So I plan to back up to a WinXP virtual machine using Cygwin rsync and/or rsnapshot, hopefully with cron -- though postings suggest cron under Cygwin can be tricky -- then have the Telfer staff run standard backups to tape from that. Ugly, but likely less work than trying to make a proprietary tool work that may never actually have been functional.

And before I get "Why don't you use ....": Whoever decided to use Symantec has had money spent, so they will stick with that decision no matter how wrong it is. I'm not part of that decision making.

Suggest that anyone with experience get in touch off-line and I'll post a summary in a couple of weeks.



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