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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] usb support dies post wake

* Michael P. Soulier <msoulier [ at ] digitaltorque [ dot ] ca> [071002 06:59]:
> Hey people,
> I'm using Ubuntu Feisty on a Thinkpad T30, and I noticed some issues with usb
> support. 
> 1. I had to boot noapic or I have zero usb support. 
> 2. Even if I boot noapic, if I suspend and wake again, I lose usb support, and
> often my pcmcia wireless nic fails to work properly (as in dhcp stops working
> so I get no ip address). 
> Any hints on how to fix #2?

Maybe an updated BIOS would help.  See if IBM have such a thing for the

Does unloading and reloading the wireless driver work?  If so you can
try the hibernate package, and update the
/etc/hibernate/blacklisted-modules file.  Hibernate is supposed to do
all the module unloading and saving state.


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