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[OCLUG-Tech] linux printing margins

I've recently got cups working with my Epson Stylus C86, but when I went
to set up the margins (using alignmargins from www.linuxprinting.org)
I was confused by the information about the "clipped edges".

First, there's the info about x and y.  This made sense to me. I came up
with 31/32 for H and 10/32 for V.  This gave me x=3 and y=-68.

"Let the distance in inches from the left edge of the page to the vertical
line be H, and from the bottom edge to the horizontal line be V."

x = ((1 - H) * 100)

y = ((V - 1) * 100)

Fine, measure the distance, crunch a few numbers.

"If set correctly the drawn arrows should extend into the papers corners
(not the clipping corners). After archieving that, you may continue with
the clipping edges."

So, I set this and reprinted the doc.  The bottom arrows are about right.
The top corners are not: they are mostly off the page.  That creates a
problem when I get to the next part.

" . . . [ml mb mr mt] are the distances of the clipped edges of your
graphics relative to the papers edges (left bottom right top) measured in
1/72 inches. The wedge shaped rules may be used to define these values very
accurately as its intersections are in 1/72 inches. Take the value at the
cutoff point from the scale to the next clockwise edge."

I have no idea what this means, or how to do it.  Every idea I have won't work
because some of the needed parts are off of the page on one wedge or another.

"Start setting the margin values to all zero to see the natural hardware
clipping of your printer. You should then define the margins just as big
enough to keep the defined margins within your printers real hardware
clipping. This is archieved if you can see the thin line drawn all around
your defined margin. In addition the thin drawn arrows are just touching
the margin and should be totally visible."

So, what am I missing?  Any suggestions or hints about where to go from here would be helpful.



Jeremy John Wakeman
jeremywakeman [ at ] istop [ dot ] com
linux registered user #125171