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[OCLUG-Tech] LILO question...and resolution

Hey gang,

My dual-boot situation was resolved very easily -
probably one of the simplest things I've done to

Someone passed along a tip; in my /etc/lilo.conf file,
I had the following:

# Windows bootable partition config begins
other = /dev/hdb1
  label = gollum
#  map-drive = 0x80
#   to = 0x81
#  map-drive = 0x81
#   to = 0x80
  table = /dev/hdb
# Windows bootable partition config ends

By uncommenting out the "map-drive" and "to" lines, I
was able to successfully place my slack drive in the
master position, my windows drive in the slave
partition - and both agreed to boot when LILO asked
them.  I'm not 100% on what the hexcode is supposed to
mean, but I get the impression that Windows was
convinced it was on the master drive.

Whew!  Well, I've been the proud owner of a Slackware
machine for a week now, and I'm getting close to
getting it all working.  I've still got printer and
scanner troubles which, with the groups indulgence,
I'll ask about as Martin suggested...

...after I've had some rest.

Cheers, all.

"The average person's grasp of risk factors is so poor, that it's commonplace to meet cigarette smokers who worry about terrorism."
                                                -- Gwynne Dyer

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