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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] [OCLUG Tech]: LILO question

I'm replying to all three responses in this
one...thanks, guys.

--- Jim Little <jlittle [ at ] orderedBits [ dot ] com> wrote:
> Quoting "C.T. Paterson":
> to proceed is to get the system set up the way you
> want it (ie. Windows on the master, Slack on the 
> slave), ...

A friend pointed out to me that this might cause a
problem given that slack currently thinks it is on
/dev/hda, and I'll be moving it to /dev/hdb.

I think he's right...

> Read the LILO docs for a good explanation of the way
> of setting up LILO.

I'll take another look.  Your procedure looked like
the kind of thing I'm looking for, but I'm now
concerned about how linux will react to find it's
drive has changed (sort of like waking up and
realising you're not in Kansas anymore, I suspect).

--- Martin Hicks <mort [ at ] bork [ dot ] org> wrote:
> The mailing list adds the [oclug tech] bit itself. 
> You don't have to do any such tag yourself :-)

I figured it would make things more efficient this
way; instead of reading all about how I hosed my
system to conclude I'm a dork - you can do it by
merely scanning the subject.  ;>

> Welcome.  We'll do our best to help out.

I appreciate the support.


My name is C.T., and I have a problem.

> Its got more brains and makes it much easier to
> recover from user stupidity.

A compelling argument.

> If you want help with these then post as a separate
> post.

When I get this mess sorted out, I'll probably take
you up on that.

> WinXP might be better, but I"m pretty sure that
> windows still insists on being on the Primary Master
> ide disk.

My conclusion as well.

> Installing LILO onto hdc (for instance sake) so that
> it will boot correctly when installed as hda is a
> of magic.

Yeah, I've only recently come to realise what a
problem that's going to be.

--- Dan Langille <dan [ at ] langille [ dot ] org> wrote:
> Have you considered GAG?  It's a graphical boot
> manager. I've started using it on my laptop, which 
> triple-boots.

Hey Dan,

Never heard of it - but thanks for the link.  I'll
probably take a look, but I'm not sure it will solve
my immediate problem - and I'm getting a little
gun-shy about trying new things for the moment.

Thanks for the responses, guys.  With my new concerns
about moving linux's home from hda to hdb, I wonder if
it might be best to partition up my windows drive so
it contains windows and linux (ie. becomes the "OS
drive"), and use my second drive as a data disk.  I
think I can still remove Windows at some point in the
future with this method, and still retain my Linux
setup - I imagine I could even hand over the windows
partitions as more data space.


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