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Re: Bios crash

I haven't seen a windows update corrupt a bios before, but I imagine it's
in the realm of possibilities.  Others likely have more experience but you
may want to pull all your power, unplug your battery, and unplug the coin
cell that keeps the CMOS settings for the BIOS alive.  Try to boot to your
BIOS and if you can get in there reset the configuration to the default
(pulling the battery doesn't normally set to default).  When was your
laptop manufactured?  Cheap Electrolytic caps have a finite lifetime and
if your machine is over 12 years old you may be reaching it (or capacitor

Good luck

On Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 4:45 AM dpatte <dpatte [ at ] relativedata [ dot ] com> wrote:

> I appologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for this request, but
> there seem to be many experts on this list - so here goes...
> My laptop, a Lenovo y50-70 black screened yesterday, I presume during an
> automated windows update.
> It wont boot and I cant even get into the bios to see what's up. On boot a
> few leds go on (power, battery) the disk light flickers for a 1.5 seconds
> then flashes on and off each second. No other response.
> Lenovo doesnt seem to have a copy of the bios code I could download and
> reflash my bios with.
> Any ideas?
> I am presuming that the bios is corrupted. Does anyone have suggestions?
> Sent from my Galaxy



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