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Re: Resend: July 2021 Meeting - 2021-07-08 @ 19:00

It's so nice to see that I am not the only one ...

Thanks, Scott

On Tue, 6 Jul 2021 at 00:59, Scott Murphy <scott [ dot ] murphy [ at ] arrow-eye [ dot ] com>

> Recycling emails is a problem… And don’t do it when you are tired, you
> forget to change something.
> When: Thursday, July 8, 2021
> Time: 19:00
> Where: jitsi video conference
> For those new to Linux, John has a talk titled: “WINE”. For those
> unfamiliar with the name, it is the WINE Is Not an Emulator project.
> After John has finished, Brett will present a talk titled: “My mail, my
> way: Successfully setting up and operating your own Linux email server”
> This month’s code: LinuxOttawa20210708
> Meeting Details:
> The meeting URL will now be a fixed URL, https://six.linux-ottawa.org and
> should be up for connection by 18:30 on meeting nights and will vanish
> shortly after the meeting has concluded. You will be joining as anonymous
> guests, so you will not have a username or password. If it asks for a
> username and password, it has not been started yet. I will be attempting to
> have it running by 18:45. It may be online earlier, but it should be online
> by then.
> Rules/Procedures/Common-Sense:
> Video and audio will be disabled when you join. In order to make sure the
> experience is a reasonable one for all involved, the presenter will share
> their screen-window-whatever they are comfortable with and you will see it
> quite clearly. Rather than unmute, pressing your space bar will unmute your
> microphone while pressed, so you can try that to ask questions. There is
> also the chat window, which no longer appears to obscure the rest of the
> session (maybe on small monitors?) Feel free to post questions and as
> opportunity presents itself and the presenter notices, they will get
> answered. After the presentation is completed, feel free to unmute and have
> a normal voice/video Q&A.

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