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Re: how to limit HID qr scanners

On 2020-04-13 1:29 p.m., Brett Delmage wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Apr 2020, Peter Sjöberg wrote:
>> I have a security issue, we have some QR scanners that can scan lots of
>> different 2D/3D codes. They connect on usb and show up as any ordinary
>> HID device. This means it's basically a keyboard connected
> I don't know your the system configuration but you can have one more
> than HID device; they could be opened by different programs.
Do you mean that a HID can be connected to a program without being
connected to the OS?

> I have a foot pedal I wanted to use for transcription which sends simple
> "1 2 3" text. I explored hooking it up to mplayer through a
> filter/translater so I could start/stop/rewind audio.

Sounds like you can make the foot pedal send the media buttons, how
would you prevent it from send anything else that the OS can pick up and
act on ?
What I mean is imagine that the foot pedal sends ctrl-alt-del or any
other key combination - how would you prevent the OS to pick it up? Just
telling the OS to not react on ctrl-alt-del is not a solution since I
need to block _all_ combinations.


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