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Re: AGM -- IRC

Following up on discussion from last night, I spent some time seeing how I could connect
to irc://oftc.net/#oclug.

I found that I could connect -- eventually after fighting the interfaces -- with Pidgin and
Hexchat. Much easier with oftc's webchat. For oftc, this looks like a winner. Also managed
happily with Kiwi IRC. Connected with Mibbit, but did not enjoy the experience, and the
list of participants is missing. Installed weechat, but it clearly needs a knowledge equivalent
to memorizing pi to 2000 digits i.e., what commands to issue.

Thunderbird apparently has chat built in. I could connect to oftc, but not get anything to appear
on screen. I suspect messages will show, but there doesn't appear to be a way to see the
participants etc.

For information, Scott is looking into putting IRC on the linux-ottawa server so we can have
authentication. To be worked on:
  - I've volunteered to test and write up some "how to". We've a number of newer members who
    definitely do not share the same skill-set as those listed as #oclug irc participants,
    among whom I am fairly certain there may be an immortal whose machine is still alive.
  - Testing that the setup "works", and works easily for all.
  - Deciding time and date.

I'm sure other support would not be refused.


John Nash

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