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Re: [PosibleSPAM] seeking info

On 2020-02-08 11:11 a.m., Callie Jones wrote:

I have now run into a problem with my bank of all things - the online banking is not working and the bank is blaming Firefox. They are looking into fixing the problem at their end so it might not actually be a Firefox issue. The bank does not know when the prob will be resolved. This just started for me yesterday, although the bank started advising clients about the Firefox issue several days ago.

FWIW, the bank I use, has started giving me what I guess is the same problem, and there note on their log in page would not even load! (mine is up to 72.0.2) They are blaming firefox also, and I guess that Firefox has dropped an older protocol.

still It would be a good idea to migrate to a supported version.

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