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seeking info

I run an older version of Linux Mint - 17.1, Cinnamon. It's worked
perfectly since it was installed; I only just realized it was installed
back in Aug 2016, so coming up on 4 years of problem-free operation.

The only reason I'm now looking at it is because I find I'm not receiving
any more updates through the update manager. At one time, the update
manager was very active,  but these days, I hardly receive any updates. My
biggest concern is Firefox because I checked and found the version I run is
66 while the latest version is 72. Since version 66 was released in April
'19, there have obviously been a great many updates, but I have not
received any. I'm not running into any problems (yet) or receiving messages
informing me my version needs to be upgraded, however I have now run into a
problem with my bank of all things - the online banking is not working and
the bank is blaming Firefox. They are looking into fixing the problem at
their end so it might not actually be a Firefox issue. The bank does not
know when the prob will be resolved. This just started for me yesterday,
although the bank started advising clients about the Firefox issue several
days ago.

It is this bank issue which made me start wondering about my version of
Firefox, otherwise I would not have even thought about it as the system is
working fine.

My question: am I not receiving any more updates to install because I'm
running a older version of Linux which is no longer being supported?  I
have been running Linux for +15 years but though a long time user, I am not
geared towards the technological aspects.

Thanks in advance.



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