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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Viewing jpg images with comments

I've been trying a number of viewers (more than I care to name!).

It seems that mapivi and the libjpeg-progs (rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom)
put the "comment" somewhere different from geeqie and pix and ....

Gimp and Irfanview are happy to show the comments I put in, but the
interface isn't set up for browsing the image + comments quickly.

In the next few days I'll try to set up a little review and
put it on the oclug wiki to provide a focus. Otherwise one can get
a lot of unnecessary back and forth. In part it seems jpeg files
can have information in lots of different pockets, and different
software uses different locations.

FWIW, I've found a number of review items on the net are rather
optimistic about the capabilities of some of the software. After I
installed some, I could not find some features claimed for some

Best, JN

On 2017-04-20 04:55 PM, Dianne Skoll wrote:
On Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:52:43 -0400
Dianne Skoll <dfs [ at ] roaringpenguin [ dot ] com> wrote:

Sure; geeqie.  Packaged in Debian and source is at

*sigh*, make that http://geeqie.org/


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