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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Arch Linux space problem?

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 10:57:12PM -0400, ProfJCNash wrote:
> The Beginners Guide "sort of" worked, but left me with a
> system that still came up with a terminal.

You need to enable a graphical display manager for login, or otherwise
didn't start X11 on boot. That or you have something that starts X when
you login.

~/.profile, ~/.zlogin, or ~/.bash_profile (or ~/.bash_login if you want later):

    if [ "$(tty)" = /dev/tty1 ]; then
        exec startx

If you don't, it's not broken. It just wasn't asked for, which is quite
reasonable for a large amount of users.

> I tried to install openbox but was told I had no link to repositories.

Either you need to uncomment the package mirror for your region upon
installation, which is a step in the guide, or you need to just refresh
the package database because it's the first time you run.

Most generic package managers have a similar operation. pacman makes no
assumptions about being smarter than the user.

> Another posting on the net said try 'pacman -Syu' which proceeded to
> upgrade a whole lot of things, then ran out of space.

Uuuum, is your filesystem big enough? This doesn't sound like it has
anything to do with Arch.

> I suspect I need to manually mount a disk, but haven't found that in a
> tutorial yet.

Don't search for Arch then. Have you ever used mount directly? You just
need to know the path to the device,

    $ lsblk -f
    NAME          FSTYPE      LABEL     UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
    ├─sda1        vfat        SYSTEM    CENS-ORED                            /media/esp
    ├─sda3        ntfs        Windows   CENSOREDCENSORED
    ├─sda4        ntfs        WinRE_DRV CENSOREDCENSORED
    └─sda5        crypto_LUKS           CENSORED-CENS-ORED-CENS-OREDCENSORED
      └─cryptroot ext4                  CENSORED-CENS-ORED-CENS-OREDCENSORED /
    $ sudo mkdir -p /media/windows-10
    $ sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/windows-10

That's the utmost manual way.

> Can anyone point to a properly tied together recipe that goes from Vbox
> boot to a working windowed system?

With what parameters? Everybody wants a different window manager or
desktop environment. Everybody wants a different display manager (gdm,
slim, etc). Everybody wants a different editor.

To heck. Let them choose.

If you want a recipe for bootstrapping, it's the beginner's guide, and
the rest of the wiki, though I can't attest to the quality since I
haven't used it in three or four years, and I already know what I'm

> Or -- since we are dealing with Linux here -- a script that I can
> simply edit and let run.

We used to have that. The Arch Install Framework, which was
fundamentally broken anyway, because everybody had different needs.

> Someone needs to point out the the Arch developers

There aren't that many developers. There's not that much in a distro
except packagers. If you don't agree with building up, don't use Arch.
If you have a problem with a package in particular, unless it's how it
was packaged, go talk to upstream.

> that typing in a screen image is a very error-prone process.

What do you mean by a “typing in a screen image”?

> The concept of Arch seems right, but the implementation seems intended
> to annoy.

I'm sorry, but that's a bit of an extreme statement.

The only thing that has ever annoyed me was the hardware and firmware I
was installing on, or the original software itself.

Could you provide details please? I'm curious now.


Alex Pilon