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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Help for non-geeks

I'm prepared to help. (I've done some Linux coaching via email - it can
exercise one's ability to research and write for non-geeks!)

On 15-04-15 02:19 PM, Prof J C Nash (U30A) wrote:
> I recently received a help request from Marlene Harris, partner of Gary
> Jones who gave our Randall Leavitt seminar on GIMP.
> Marlene is in need of some general help with Linux, and I think her
> request points to a need OCLUG should in some manner be addressing,
> especially in these times when Microsoft and Apple are so pervasive.
> Since Marlene said she tried to subscribe but got no acknowledgement,
> this will serve as a test that she is connected to the list.
> And hopefully we'll get some ideas of how to help folk who are non-geek
> users of Linux. I know quite a few -- they sometimes move away from
> Linux because they are afraid there's no help.
> JN