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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] FYI: Phone Scam for Windows Support

On 08/10/2014 06:16 PM, Steve La Rocque wrote:
>     <click>
>     That's right. I made a telemarketer unwittingly factory reset his
>     phone which means he will be unable to make anymore calls until
>     someone is able to reconfigure his phone and that will take at least
>     an hour or longer if they can't do it right away!?

Wow, that is awesome!

> On 08/09/2014 11:40 AM, Peter Sjöberg wrote:
>> On 08/08/2014 03:56 PM, dpatte wrote:
>>> I usually put them on hold and see how long they last. The winner so far was6 minutes
>> Done that when they start the call with "I'm calling long distance from
>> xxx", listen long enough that I can say "please hold while I get my
>> credit card"..
>>> On 08/08/14 13:06, Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
>>>> I've strung a couple of them along... One guy told me my computer was 
>>>> infected with a virus.
>>> Try following their instructions with "unhuh" and "yup" trying to use 
>>> your memory of what windows looks like.  And when they say "now you see 
>>> dis says you have how many viruses"  You say, "It says zero, 
>>> everything's good".  Another script breaking ploy making them question 
>>> their own scripts and tools ($$$).
>>>> Any idea how to also get rid of the "Air Duct Cleaning Service" and 
>>>> "Credit Card Services" liars too?
>>> Got a 6 year old?  Say "Sorry, I need to hand the phone to the decision 
>>> maker in the house".  Train your kid to ask questions like "what's your 
>>> favourite colour?" and "if you were a my little pony, which one would 
>>> YOU be?"
>>> Also worth recording for future use ... like their wedding.
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