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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] DKIM and SPF on the list

My problem is SPF and DKIM are failing on emails I send through this list and I get notice that someone is doing a bad thing with this domain (including tricolour.net!)

So to fix this I suggested removing DKIM headers from my domain. Which would be simple and awesome. The reply-to stuff I don't care about much really - and I was clearly wrong to suggest it (see RGB's link below).

As for SPF - the return-path header needs to be consistant. lists.oclug.on.ca is not allowed to send email with return-path of *@trustificorp.com. "dig txt trustificorp.com" forbids it. Also, lists.oclug.on.ca is not allowed to send email with failing DKIM signatures, my DMARC record forbids it (dig txt _dmarc.trustificorp.com) and spamassassin will find it suspect.

Can these change be done? I mean, return-path should be to the list-serv anyways, right?


On 08/07/14 12:41, Richard Guy Briggs wrote:
On 14/07/08, Jean-Luc cooke wrote:
Emails sent to this list seem to have some DKIM and SPF issues - I
get DMARC failure reports.

I know DKIM and SPF aren't ideal for this kind of application - but
I suspect there are email and spam experts on the list who can help
- Roaring Penguins, please stand up?

Basically - emails should have DKIM headers of the sender's original
email stripped out not come listed as "From:" the sender but rather
"From: Joe Linux User via OCLUG List Serv <linux [ at ] lists [ dot ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca>"
and "Reply-To: <linux [ at ] lists [ dot ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca>"

Can this be done?
Please, no.

I am not up to date on DKIM and SPF, but would like to learn more.  I don't
know how or if they fit into the right solution.

Jean-Luc Cooke
	slainte mhath, RGB

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