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[OCLUG-Tech] DKIM and SPF on the list

Emails sent to this list seem to have some DKIM and SPF issues - I get DMARC failure reports.

I know DKIM and SPF aren't ideal for this kind of application - but I suspect there are email and spam experts on the list who can help - Roaring Penguins, please stand up?

Basically - emails should have DKIM headers of the sender's original email stripped out not come listed as "From:" the sender but rather "From: Joe Linux User via OCLUG List Serv <linux [ at ] lists [ dot ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca>" and "Reply-To: <linux [ at ] lists [ dot ] oclug [ dot ] on [ dot ] ca>"

Can this be done?

Jean-Luc Cooke


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