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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] books

On 13/12/13 Bill Strosberg said:

> Now I sound like an elderly curmudgeon.

Pretty much. :)

Don't get me wrong, I love books. But, consider this:

- ebooks from O'Reilly are available in any format I care about
    - epub is just zipped html and css, it doesn't get any more portable
- books on computer topics age far more quickly than other topics, and are
  soon uselessly out-of-date, with some exceptions
- ebooks from O'Reilly, when updated, are available for download of the
  updated version for free if you bought an older copy
- ebooks from O'Reilly have no DRM attached to them
- I use two monitors at work and home, and combined with Dropbox, I have my
  library with me when I need it (ie. when I'm using a computer)
- dead trees are damn heavy
- dead trees are environmentally unfriendly
- dead trees don't change font size when I would like it

Again, it depends people. I realize I'm talking to Linux zealots, but in my
experience, extreme, absolute opinions are usually dead wrong. With some
exceptions because...it depends. ;-)


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