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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Membership

On 13-11-27 09:07 PM, Steve Porter wrote:

I was hoping you could provide me some details on membership.  How to join
etc?  Was just browsing your site and noticed there isn't a meeting for
December listed yet.  Please let me know when you have some free time.


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There is no particular process to membership other than joining in to the conversation and attending meetings if you like. Technically there is an annual general meeting once a year in which a board of directors is elected by those present. Names & contact info are collected at the AGM to verify the electors, but have nothing to do with ordinary participation. There are a couple board positions that have legal obligations for reporting and filing, but nothing other than these thankless jobs for volunteers.

OCLUG was intentionally made easy to join and does not involve a lot of structure. If you can help and have a little time there are committees of people handling different functions (website, meetings etc.).