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[OCLUG-Tech] Presentation follow-up notes

Hello OCLUG,

To those who weren't at my talk tonight (Thursday, September 5th),
ignore this email.

Not the best performance, but moving on. A few notes that I omitted
during the meeting:

* The suckless community *can* have rough edges, which you should keep
  in mind before subscribing to the mailing lists. Just focus on the
  good quality software.
* Take any references to cat-v, or anything on cat-v with a large grain
  of salt.
* If you want to use dwm, you may wish to use the tarball I have here,
  which already has some patches for nicer colours, some additional
  window layout options, and Xft support.
* If you want a tiny simple stable wiki (really, you need some way to
  push changes to be called ‘wiki’, in this case usually done by
  combining with Mercurial or Git and SSH access), check out werc or
  swerc. The latter is simpler.
* Items referenced by the following may be of interest to
  some readers:
    * http://suckless.org/rocks
    * http://suckless.org/other_projects
    * http://tools.suckless.org/
* The sbase (suckless subset [so omitting unneeded or less portable
  portions] of coreutils) project is open for contributions.

I am just a suckless software user and mailing list subscriber, not
affiliated in any way with them.


Alex Pilon

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