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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] anyone out there using a production publishing toolchain?

I was asked by SAMS to write a book about SVG once.  Everyone wanted me to
do it.

I wiggled out of it when I discovered that their publishing process involved
heavy use of Word templates.

No fucking way I'm writing a book in Word.  None.  Not even if you hire me
some help.

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 10:06 AM, Prof. John C Nash <nashjc [ at ] uottawa [ dot ] ca>wrote:

> I recently completed a 313 page book using Latex. The learning cost is
> heavy, but the
> rewards are too.
> Latex is also used by a lot of technical / scientific publishers. I've a
> paper in process
> at the moment. Style sheet supplied. Bibliographic support is strong, but
> again needs
> learning.
> There are also recent developments in what is termed "reproducible
> research" to allow code
> to be embedded in Latex. We use this to write articles where the statistics
> (procedures
> and data) may change. Running special scripts in Sweave and ODFweave allow
> latex and/or
> OpenOffice docs to be processed to finished pdf. There are apparently other
> initiatives
> like this, but they suggest a useful way to incorporate code and data into
> documents that
> avoid copy and paste errors.
> JN
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