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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Rescuing user from his own stupidity

Thus spake Bruce Miller (subscribe [ at ] brmiller [ dot ] ca) [26/05/08 14:00]:
: alias permsvfat2linux='find . -perm -0770 -not -type d -exec chmod 0640 \{\} \;cd'


: I am now locked out from both ~/music/ and /media/stor/music. A verbose file listing (ls -l) brings up a list of "Permission denied" errors followed by the file list of /media/stor/music/ preceded by a sea of question marks ("?").

Have you tried removing and re-creating the symlink?  The "-not -type d"
would have applied the permissions changes to all files, be they special
(i.e. FIFOs and symlinks) or normal.

It's possible that a "chmod 0770" would suffice as well.