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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Recommendations for 48 port Gigabit switch

Thus spake Stephen Connolly (stephen [ at ] jsidata [ dot ] ca) [26/05/08 14:00]:
:   Our two HP Procurve 10/100 switches died over the weekend. Can
: somebody recommend a good but not overly expensive 48 port Gigabit
: managed switch. Options I am looking for are : ssh access, spanning
: ports. 
:   Any info appreciated

All depends on what you mean by 'not overly expensive'.

The Dell PowerConnect line has had some troubles, but they've also turned
out some really decent switches.  They used to be, and may continue to be,
re-branded Extreme Networks switches.  They're also quite reasonably priced,
in terms of high-end switches, and I know the 5000 series have a decent
reputation.  I don't remember if they do SSH, but I'd be surprised if they
don't do spanning ports.

(A quick search tells me that you'd be looking at the 5448, which looks to
cost about USD1400, from the Dell store.  On sale now for USD$1058.)

And though I've never used them, I know a number of people who have really
liked Foundry Networks.  Never done a price check on 'em, though, and I've
never paid any attention to their specs.

  - Damian