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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] Setting up a mail server questions!

Michael Walma wrote:

Everyone has their favourite answer to this question. Mine is POSTFIX+MYSQL+SpamAssassin+Courier-IMAP+Maildrop and HORDE/IMP for webmail. There are lots of others, but most people are coming around to the idea of using Postfix for the MTA. I used any number of howto's to put my system together, but a quick scan of the howto links on the Postfix page (http://www.postfix.org/docs.html) finds this, tailored for Debian Etch:

I've been working with Christopher Haas's Postfix/MySQL/blah/blah stuff for four years with absolutely no complaints. I use Courier IMAP, and didn't have terrible problems getting things to work. The new version on Etch looks far simpler. I grafted on Squirrelmail as I found it simpler than SQWebMail.

I'm going to have a go at getting Roaring Penguin's MimeDefang running - SpamAssassin just doesn't cut the mustard in comparison. Postfix versions 2.3 and greater are SUPPOSED to support the Milter interface, so on my next server upgrade I'll go with the new Dovecot replacing Courier and get the RP MimeDefang running.

In response to the original poster, the latest software is very often not the best. A stable, reliable mail server is far more important than one with the latest versions of everything. Don't get hung out to dry on the bleeding edge. Production boxes don't run experimental/testing versions of anything.

Bill S.