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[OCLUG-Tech] Fwd: embedded gnu / linux summer internship

  • Subject: [OCLUG-Tech] Fwd: embedded gnu / linux summer internship
  • From: Richard Guy Briggs <rgb [ at ] tricolour [ dot ] net>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 13:26:02 -0400
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From: Charles Notley <chnotley [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com>
To: "crossgcc [ at ] sourceware [ dot ] org" <crossgcc [ at ] sourceware [ dot ] org>
Subject: Off topic - embedded gnu / linux summer internship
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My company is hiring a summer intern for their Menlo Park, California location:

Ricoh Innovations is looking for a summer intern with Linux
platform-level skills, enthusiastic about embedded systems, open-source
software, eager to google-up and learn new skills. This person will work
closely with a team of system hardware and software designers.

Sample projects: 1. Build a bootloader (RedBoot or Uboot) for a custom
hardware platform,
flash and debug it with JTAG.
2. Explore system migration issues for a new hardware architecture,
kernel, toolchains and build system.
3. Configuring embedded Linux platform for a custom hand-held device:
kernel configuration, device drivers, installed system-level software,
and user applications.
4. Bring-up a new hardware component (WiFi module, USB Gadget interface)
on a custom hardware / embedded Linux platform.

Desired skills:
- kernel hacking, including compiling custom Linux kernel, modifying
existing kernel modules, and designing new ones;
- setting up cross-compiler toolchains and platform build environment;
- application development in Unix environment, using shell scripts
(Bash), C/C++, Python;
- source versioning software: Subversion, git;
- Working knowledge of Debian Linux, Debian software development
process, open-source bootloaders for Linux, and experience with JTAG is
a plus.

Work Environment:

The California Research Center (CRC) of Ricoh Innovations, Inc.
http://rii.ricoh.com offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the
environment of a top industrial research laboratory.  We are a small
group (about 20 researchers) that has been very successful in research
relevant to Ricoh and the scientific community in general.  Located on
Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, near Stanford University.

To Apply:

If you are interested in following up on this opportunity, please send
your resume to notley [ at ] rii [ dot ] ricoh [ dot ] com

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