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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] quick question

On March 8, 2008 10:27:55 am you wrote:
> On Fri, 7 Mar 2008, Bruce Harding wrote:
> > I've posted a snapshot from my firestats file here.  I've got these
> > entries and I'm not sure why they are there as I've not got these files
> > on my computer that I know of.
> >
> > see url below.
> >
> > http://stargazer.dvrdns.org/index.php/wpg2?g2_itemId=44108
> Bruce,
> not sure what firestats is.
> When you try browsing the URLs that are logged, do you get any images or
> pages?
> Looks like an attempt to exploit g2 top access other sites. Hopefully
> nothing evil.
> Hmm a google search shows this summary:
> "Due to the severity of these issues users of all previous Gallery 2
> versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade to version 2.2.4 as soon as
> possible! ..."
> Looks like you may have an outdated verison and it may be exploited,
> hopefully not as a proxy to view kiddie porn.
> I cannot access the g2 site now for some reason to see nay more, it seems
> to be down. I would suggest you disable the app completely NOW, from what
> until you know more.
> cheers,
> Brett
> p.s. I recommend you use a mor einformative subkject line next time to
> catch people's interest. I would personally tend to ignore messages like
> quick question", too much like spam

I so seldom ask questions, that I'm very much out of practice.  I blame this 
on google.  Most time I can find the info long before anyone gets around 
answering my questions.

So I've disable gallery for now. And will upgrade to new version.  Ugh, the 
last time I want is to help some freakazoid get his/her kiddie porn. 

I've just checked and I do have 2.2.4?  I'm uninstalling it now and will to a 
clean re-install.