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[OCLUG-Tech] Re: BIOS related posts

I'm not directly involved in any of this, but I actually think it is worthwhile.

But... (you knew there would be).

1) I think folk should vigorously edit the material from other posts and not allow their mail client to copy it all in.

2) I'd like to recommend folk think of a wiki for this stuff and try to bring in any BBS archive material that is relevant. Why? Because this is where as someone interested in managing technological risk I perceive the bad guys (often masquerading as "good" CIA/NSA types) will try to put the snoopy stuff, DRM and all that crap. We need a resource. If anyone wants, I can set up such a wiki on my server. It can be open or closed, but must have logins (so U of O and I don't get nailed for kiddy porn or such if there are inappropriate postings). I run now with a system that any registered user can create another. This seems OK for groups that are fairly focussed. I may have to change that policy later.