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Re: [OCLUG-Tech] linking to files inside debootstrap

Possibly I have misunderstood the debootstrap and that it is running the
same kernel and different libraries and apps only. I thought it was
running a whole VM. I set it up in a roaring hurry to get a mission
critical tool working in time for 1400 students to use "yesterday".

I needed to run an "old" Apache, php and mysql because of some changes
in php since codes were written about 4 years ago. So I've got "woody"
running under debootstrap, and have switched off Apache in the outer
machine, but want sshd to run in both, which I now have going.

Cheers, JN

Bart Trojanowski wrote:
> * Prof J C Nash <nashjc [ at ] uottawa [ dot ] ca> [061019 22:30]:
>> As I'm running an old kernel inside the debootstrap it's possible Bart's
>> solution may give trouble.
> I am a bit confused by this.
> How do you execute this VM?
> I had made the assumption that you used chroot.  In this case it's the
> same kernel.  The chroot does not have a kernel.
>> Thanks anyway to Bart. I'll try to learn the mounts sometime.
> I don't know of any deterrents from using bind mounts.  They should work
> for you as long as you have support for them in the kernel.
> -Bart